Make your dreams come true


Hall & Oates

You’re the only person stopping you from making your dreams come true. Here’s some advice to inspire you.

“You have to put in the work. There is no easy way to success,” says Jaden Smith. “I felt so motivated after listening to Tony Robbins speak, for a day, ” comments Natasha.

“Dreams do come true. I mopped the hallways at Arizona State. Now, I am in Harvard Business School, mopping classrooms.” says Tim. “This book gave me groundbreaking perspectives that changed my life. I was so moved by Jumanji.” says Laura.

“Trust in God. That’s what got me to where I am today. And Adderall.” reveals Justin. “Just put in a little effort every day. Eventually, you’ll be able to touch the rim,” says Sebastian dunking.

“The grind never stops,” reveals YouTuber, Dave, in his arm tattoo. “Chop chop, baby.” he glees. “I scoff at people getting 8 hours of sleep. Too much dreaming, too little code” complains Bezos to lobbyists.

“I have been dancing as a hobby since 12. I never thought I’d get paid for it,” says TikToker Bella.

“My parents came to America with a dream — to give me a better future. They found new jobs. We didn’t have Seven-Eleven back home.” says Raj.

“Still waiting for my dreams to come true. Don't wanna put in the effort, in case I jeopardize it. So, any time now,” grins Jerry, doubtfully.

“It all starts with a dream. Then you make a plan. Then your parents say no.” advises Kamal. “I have to make every day count. I can’t waste my time doing dishes or laundry, ” justifies Chen, college student.