Reason and reality

How our reasoning informs how we perceive reality

Interpretation follows impression and is informed by reasons and biases, which are subjective. So, we have a tendency to find a reason or meaning. There is an inherent desire to make sense of the world, which forms our reality and consciousness.

Categorization of interpretation and demarcation of concepts also seem instinctual. Reason is usually presented as a cause-effect chain — certain predicates precede a derived result. The predicates vary leading to different reasons, interpretations, and truths.

A gap of interpretations leads to misinterpretation on all sides. The impression is weighed more than lack thereof. Understanding the gap between impression and interpretation, which is influenced by reason and bias, can help in understanding what reality means to us.

A tendency to ascribe meaning may lead to misinterpretations and biases. This symbolic bias — idea that an impression has interpretations — strongly informs our reality. This comes from the tendency to make sense through relations, often in the form of cause and effect, and reference frames. This should be overcome to see how things are without the filter of our biases.

This cause-effect chain varies with the most agreement being achieved through science. So, science ends up influencing our reasoning. There must be some overlap in our realities, which we attempt to reason and measure through science. Reason strives for a common logic but succumbs to biases.

Emotions also influence reason, thinking, and behavior. Our interpretation and reasoning may vary with different emotional states. The interaction between the internal and external experience influences reason.

We have an inherent need to interpret or ascribe meaning to things. So, we have a predisposition to believe that there is a meaning to life, which we use to construct our realities, we just don’t know what. How else would self-help books sell?

This pursuit of meaning in life is a bias that can be overcome — don’t look for meaning. Relating to some core aspects of experience and passion can help us construct a meaning for ourselves. This is why when we seek meaning in life we attach our deepest passions to it.

The primary goal of an organism is to survive before they die. Anything, in addition, is a mechanism to spend time constructing realities.